eFertility Consults

with Katherine Alexander Anderson, L.Ac, FABORM, MBA
Fertility Specialist and Consultant

For anyone struggling with fertility issues that may not live close to our centers, we offer phone or Skype consults. These are for patients and practitioners as a way to offer expertise and professional guidance in integrative reproductive medicine to those unable to visit our clinics.

Our clinics are located in Maine and New Hampshire with appointments booking up quickly. Navigating the world of infertility can be overwhelming and complicated. A consult with Katherine Alexander Anderson, board certified reproductive medicine specialist, will provide valuable feedback and advice on the best way to optimize your fertility and chances of conception.
The Skype/phone eFertility consult is intended for:

  1.  Those who live far away from our clinics;
  2. Those who may already see an acupuncturist/Chinese medical practitioner that does not specialize in fertility;
  3. Those who may not be able to afford in-person regular acupuncture sessions, and;
  4. Practitioners that don’t have the experience in integrative reproductive medicine and want guidance as they develop a treatment strategy and protocol for their patients.

No. This service can be a way for you to augment your existing care with your local practitioner. As a board certified fertility specialist, Katherine will work with you individually and/or with your practitioner directly to provide a thorough review of your unique situation. A comprehensive treatment plan will be provided to ensure you receive the best fertility care possible.
The consult is a one-hour face-to-face Skype meeting and will provide a customized treatment plan to include:

  1. Review of your medical history including any bloodwork and medical records from your medical doctor, OBGyn or reproductive endocrinologist.
  2. Basal body temperature (BBT) charting review, if applicable. If you haven’t been doing this we will discuss whether this will be appropriate and the suggestions for doing so.
  3.  A Chinese medical diagnosis, treatment protocol and plan.
  4. Nutritional recommendations/recipes, supplement recommendations, Chinese herbal medicine prescription and formula (if appropriate), acupressure suggestions for self-care, and lifestyle recommendations.
  5. A 15-minute follow up call two weeks post treatment to check in and reevaluate.
  6. Should herbal medicine be prescribed, follow up calls every two weeks are recommended, as herbal formulas may need to be updated and refilled. Please note that additional formulas and follow up calls are billed at a separate rate.

Yes, acupuncture can be very important. In China, however, when a patient sees a fertility doctor, the patient will receive a Chinese medicine herbal formula as well as lifestyle and nutritional recommendations. Acupuncture is suggested when necessary. Should our consult determine that you would benefit from acupuncture and can’t make it to one of our clinics, we can work directly with your provider to offer guidance on best acupuncture practices for fertility. If you don’t have a provider already, we can recommend one for you.

  1. Click here to schedule an appointment, or call us at 207.615.4240.
  2. Once your appointment is scheduled you will receive an email with intake/health history forms to complete prior to your session. These secure forms are encrypted on transmittal.
  3. Please gather all of your appropriate medical records prior to your appointment.
  4. We will contact you via Skype at your designated appointment time. Should you prefer a phone call instead please let us know prior to your appointment.

In choosing an integrative reproductive specialist in the U.S. we believe it is wise to choose a practitioner trained in Chinese medicine (not just acupuncture), and one who has advanced specialty training in reproductive medicine such as with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). In addition, any specialty training in China or fellowship training in reproductive medicine and gynecology is a plus.