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Your Fertile Truth Personal Consults

Are you tired of all the conflicting advice about how to get pregnant?

Tired of scouring the internet trying to find the fastest way to conceive?

Fed up with trying to self-diagnose and treat yourself to no avail?

Wondering which supplements you should take? Or why you’ve been taking a ton of them and still not getting pregnant?

Conflicted about whether or not you should do IVF?  Or how long you should try naturally before getting help?

My fertility consults will answer these questions and more for you.

This is not a one size fits all approach.  I will not try to sell you something else you probably don’t need.

My individual consults are a personalized look at your unique situation.

I will provide an unbiased opinion on what you can do today to enhance your fertility.

My knowledge of fertility western based medicine and my experience in Chinese medicine, offer a rare combined perspective that is evidence based and results-oriented.

Add my no B.S. approach to tell you what others may not and give you a fresh perspective on what you can do today.

There are no guarantees to anything in life.  But your ability to keenly sift through all the advice from everyone and everything you read on the internet can be overwhelming.  I am here to help.

You must be your own best advocate.

I only provide a limited number of these sessions each week outside of my clinic schedule and only serious inquiries are considered.  Please complete this short questionnaire to see if you qualify.

Yes, I am ready to take control of my fertility

Yes, I am ready to take control of my fertility