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Gluten Free Fertility & Pregnancy Pancakes

Let’s do some cooking! Need some easy breakfast food ideas? This is a very simple pancake recipe that may also support a fertility and pregnancy diet. The only two ingredients are eggs and banana.  In Chinese medicine, eggs are a blood and yin tonic. This means they help moisten the body and help build and maintain good blood.  They also have an ascending energetic quality that helps stabilize and calm the fetus.

Eggs are an essential source of protein and also rich in choline which many studies have shown can positively impact fetal development.



Bananas are rich in Vitamins C & B6, manganese, potassium, fiber, folate and many others as well as easily digestible. From a Chinese medicine perspective, bananas are also moistening, detoxifying, and within their rich potassium levels, can help reduce high blood pressure.  The high protein content in this breakfast actually helps to stabilize insulin levels. Although bananas are often avoided due to their higher sugar content, we don’t typically see this as a problem with our pregnant patients concerned about gestational diabetes (if in doubt, ask your nutritionist).

Eggs and bananas work together to help nourish us, moisten our internal organs, our skin and aid in the healthy production of cervical mucus and healthy follicles.  Although these two foods can be damp producing in Chinese medicine, we believe that everything in moderation is the best dietary principle. A few eggs and a banana one time per week for most people is harmless and packed with nutrition!  If you feel you have a weak digestive system then eat your bananas fully ripened or try lightly steaming them first to reduce its cold nature.  Ready to try it out?

Gluten Free Fertility & Pregnancy Pancake

(1) banana, medium size (the greener the better as it contains less sugar)

(2) eggs, whole & organic

First, mash up the banana with a fork. Then add eggs, one at a time, and whisk together.  This is your pancake mix.  Heat griddle or pan to medium heat. Pour  a 1/4 cup of batter, cook until golden brown and voila! You’re done.

Instead of grabbing the box of Aunt Jemima’s, give this Gluten Free Fertility/Pregnancy Pancake a try!  These can easily be made the night before and heated up in the morning.

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