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Preconception Planning

How early should you start preconception planning?

Well, that depends. It is never too early to eat right, exercise, and maintain a proper weight, but preconception planning is so much more than that. In China, women often view their menstrual cycles as an indicator of good health and fertility health. At Rhythms, regulating your menstrual cycle is at the core of preparing your body for conception whether you are looking to get pregnant in 3 years or 3 months. It is the foundation of all fertility. “Nourish the soil before planting the seed” is a Chinese view of fertility preparation.

So how early should you start preparing? Although every woman is different, a general rule is it takes three months to regulate the menstrual cycle.  Our preconception program focuses on regulating your menstrual cycle before your first pregnancy and especially between pregnancies. Other things we like to discuss in preparation for pregnancy include avoiding toxic environmental and household chemicals, taking a good quality prenatal vitamin and ensuring adequate levels of bio-available folic acid, and eating a nutritious diet that follows the principles of Chinese medicine based on your individual diagnosis.