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Natural Hormone Balancing

Our Holistic Approach

Katherine Alexander Anderson, MBA, L.Ac. FABORM

At Rhythms one aspect of our holistic practice is natural hormone balancing for women in Portland, ME, Kennebunk, ME and Portsmouth, NH.  We know that hormonal imbalances can impact fertility, cause an irregular menstrual cycle and more.  Many women take hormone replacement therapy, however the dangers of taking hormones have been well documented in the past few years.  Whether you have PCOS, an irregular or absent menstrual cycle, have fertility or other issues related to hormones, we provide a variety of treatments and therapies customized to the unique needs of our patients.

Integrative Medicine

Natural hormone balancing may include Chinese or integrative medicine, acupuncture, a change in diet and nutrition, exercise, and more depending on your issue and current health.  Our approach is one that focuses on overall health and well-being, without the use of potentially dangerous drugs.  Perhaps you are trying to conceive but efforts have been unsuccessful, or are advancing toward menopause.  When hormones become unbalanced it can result in a plethora of issues, many of them unpleasant.  Because we focus on women’s health and are women ourselves, we understand the problems you face.  To learn more about natural hormone balancing and our integrative wellness center, call Rhythms today at 207-615-4240.

How can Chinese medicine help with Fertility?

  • Increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries
  • Regulate hormonal system
  • Increase thickness of uterine lining
  • Regulate menstural cycles
  • Improve ovarian function yielding higher quality eggs
  • Improve sperm count, mobility and morphology
  • Chinese medicine and Assisted Reproduction (when to use herbs and when to use acupuncture)
  • The use of Chinese medicine during Pregnancy
  • Reproductive Immunology and Disorders
  • Relax uterine contractions post IVF/IUI transfer resulting in higher conception rates