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Miscarriage Prevention

At Rhythms, one area of our holistic fertility practice is miscarriage prevention for women in Portland, Kennebunk, Portsmouth and surrounding areas.  We provide acupuncture for frequent miscarriage along with other treatments and therapies that focus on helping you carry a healthy baby to term, regardless of your past experiences.  Women’s health and fertility issues are our primary areas of focus, and we have helped many patients who have suffered the devastation of several miscarriages in the past finally realize their dreams.  Our miscarriage prevention therapies focus on total health and overall well-being, critical when you have experienced disappointment repeatedly.

After conception, it is extremely important to maintain the mother’s health to support a healthy pregnancy. We continue to treat our patients weekly throughout the first trimester as this is such a critical time of development. The combination of acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine help promote circulation to the uterus, reduce inflammation, balance hormones and regulate stress levels, thereby minimizing the chances of miscarriage (assuming a chromosomally normal and healthy embryo). The techniques we use assist with proper circulation throughout the body to ensure essential nutrients are passed from mother to baby.

Many times we see women that have had multiple miscarriages without any known western medical cause. Most often, after a protocol of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine we have seen these women go on to conceive, have healthy pregnancies, and deliver healthy babies.
Bleeding in pregnancy may be a sign of a threatened miscarriage where western medicine has no solution other than resting and waiting. Chinese medicine and acupuncture can address the root imbalance in a woman that may be causing the bleeding.