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Sustaining a Healthy Pregnancy

Our Pregnancy support program at Rhythms is designed to contribute to the health of your unborn baby. We do this by utilizing acupuncture throughout all three pregnancy trimesters to maintain the health of the expecting mother.

Beginning a healthcare regimen before birth is critical to your child’s health. Both the mother’s health and condition while carrying a baby can cause changes in the fetus while in the womb. The mother’s diet, stress levels, and overall health can cause epigenetic* changes in the fetus. Why does this matter? It matters because although an unborn baby may already have all it’s DNA from both its parents (or those of a donor), the expression of that DNA may be turned on or off based on what the mother does or doesn’t do. Scientists are now learning that environmental factors can prevent certain genes from being expressed at all, therefore preventing inherited health conditions from even appearing. This means that as an expecting mother, you have the ability to directly influence your child’s future health and the health of their offspring. That’s one choice at Rhythms we fully embrace, and this is how we do it.

*Epigenetic:  changes in how a gene is expressed without changing the DNA itself
During this critical time of fetal development, we treat weekly with acupuncture to maintain the woman’s energy levels, to help alleviate morning sickness including nausea and vomiting, and to regulate the immune system. We pride ourselves at Rhythms that in the hundreds of women we’ve treated during their first trimester, none of our patients have ever experienced severe morning sickness.
The second trimester is a time when many women relax a little more as they leave the often stressful first trimester. From our perspective, we find that a woman needs our assistance more than ever, and we continue to treat once per month, or more frequently if needed. During this time we focus on continuing to support the immune system, maintain proper blood pressure, and relax the nervous system and regulate cortisol levels. By regulating the mother’s health, the mother is influencing the gene expression of her unborn child.
We generally continue to treat once per month during months seven and eight, although certain conditions may arise warranting more frequent treatment. Weekly treatments are then suggested during the ninth and final month to begin preparing the mother and baby for a successful delivery.

We often receive calls about “labor induction” or “turning a breech baby” during this time. Although labor induction and turning a breech baby are western medical terms, we can often help around these times. By helping the endocrine system ripen and soften the cervix as well as regulating the stress response we can help a woman prepare for labor more naturally. Several Chinese medical techniques including acupuncture and moxibustion have been used for many years to open the channels around the waist to allow a breech baby the room it needs to shift position. We find this technique most effective between weeks 34-38, although have seen success in the later stages as well.