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Our History

While trying to conceive her own child, Katherine Alexander Anderson was amazed by the lack of public awareness about Chinese medicine and its ability to enhance fertility. Having worked in western medicine most of her career, even she was unaware of Chinese medicine, even though it had survived for thousands of years. Experiencing success with this medicine, she was convinced that other women would also want to know about it and began immersing herself in research. In her exploration, she uncovered that other women were also desperately seeking ways to enhance their fertility and overall health and were disillusioned with the purely western approach.

Determined to create a better way, Katherine began crafting her vision of an integrative health clinic long before entering Chinese medical school. It became her mission to become an expert in reproductive medicine and to help other women conceive their own children and to live healthier and happier lives. Continually researching, constantly inquiring, and persistently refining, Katherine founded Rhythms, her vision of an integrative women’s health center. Since that time, Rhythms has assisted thousands of women and men with their reproductive and health issues, and now sees the regular arrival of a Rhythms’ baby.