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Gluten Free Fertility & Pregnancy Pancakes

Let's do some cooking! Need some easy breakfast food ideas? This is a very simple pancake recipe that may also support a fertility and pregnancy diet. The only two ingredients are eggs and banana.  In Chinese medicine, eggs are a blood and yin tonic. This means they help moisten the body and help build and [...]

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Winter Detox

  Ah, the New Year... Time to turn the page and start anew. Though you may be thinking that it's detox time and the perfect opportunity to cleanse by eating nothing but salads and fresh green juices, think again. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, you have the right idea but perhaps the wrong timing.  Winter [...]

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Stress & Acupuncture

So what’s the big deal with stress anyway? Sure, I’m stressed out juggling work, the kids, my husband, the grocery shopping, and now the holidays, but I can handle it.  I know too much stress isn’t good for me, but it’s not like it’s a disease, right?  I mean, its not like it’s going to [...]

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