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Every woman alive ever wanting to conceive should hear this information!

Break Through Fertility Obstacles

Key Roadblocks preventing you from
getting pregnant and how to conquer them

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LIVE WORKSHOP with Dr. Katherine Alexander Anderson

In this live 2 1/2 hour workshop, I’ll walk you through:


The obstacles blocking you from getting pregnant

and what you can do to overcome these.  Unfortunately, there are many unknown roadblocks that are preventing a lot of women from conceiving.  You don’t have to stumble on these accidentally.  I can help you hurdle these to stop wasting time.


What your doctor may not tell you about getting pregnant

Modern medicine offers limited options for conception and these options aren’t always good for everyone or what you would choose.  I’ll break down the options and explain how these could be helpful or harmful.


The simple tools you can use to identify fertility obstacles

and how to fix them!  Knowing where to spend your efforts will save you a ton of time.  Too often, patients waste valuable time searching online for quick fixes thereby delaying getting pregnant.


WOW, no one ever told me that!

Little secrets I’ve learned along the way to help you stop spinning your wheels including how to find a true fertility specialist, risks vs benefits of different approaches and when doing more is actually more harmful


The Pro’s and Cons of Taking Fertility Supplements

Are you helping or hurting your fertility with the supplements you take?  Or should you be taking supplements and you’re not?


Why you need a strategy to get pregnant

Making decisions before you’ve assessed what is actually going on with YOU can potentially make your fertility situation worse.  Just because your friend did it and got pregnant, doesn’t mean it will help you.


Specific actions you can take now to get you closer to conceiving

based on taking a fun quiz!

This workshop is about understanding what you may need to get pregnant and also about what you don’t need and what may be preventing conception.  Before you can take action and improve your fertility, you need to understand the fertility landscape.  Making decisions before you’ve assessed the situation can potentially make your fertility situation worse.

You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • Informed.  There’s a lot of noise on the internet which can make you confused and overwhelmed.  You will leave with information that will arm you to get organized to make clearer decisions.

  • Energized.  Trying to conceive can be exhausting especially if you’ve been trying for years.  You will learn how to stop trying everything and how to finally try the right things.

  • Hopeful that someone is finally on your side and helping guide you along the way. 

  • A little bit irritated no one told you these things before!  But you’ll feel better because you’ll know now!

Who is this workshop for

  • For ANY women trying to conceive for more than 6 months.

  • Anyone thinking about getting pregnant soon or trying for only a short time (you don’t want to waste time just in case something is wrong).

  • Women who have seen an OBGyn or reproductive endocrinologist and still don’t feel like they have answers.

  • Anyone working with a general acupuncturist (there’s a way to tell if your acupuncturist is truly a specialist and we will discuss this in detail in the workshop).

  • Anyone feeling confused and overwhelmed with all the misleading information out there.

  • Anyone self-prescribing more than just a prenatal vitamin (you may be doing more harm than good otherwise).

  • All women who feel hopeless regardless of what you’ve been told (you may not have been given all the information and the information you’ve been given may not be true).

Who is this workshop
NOT for

  • Anyone looking for a quick fix (if you search for quick fixes you probably won’t want to hear there’s no such thing!)

A Message from Dr. Katherine

Chinese medical school is difficult in a strange sort of way, memorizing all these Chinese medical terms that sound (and are) so different from modern medical terms.  Like most education, it simply offers you a foundation of knowledge which you then need to determine how to use to get results.   

The day I finally figured out what it truly takes for patients to get pregnant was like discovering plutonium! 

One miscarriage (mine), 17 years, endless education, international speaking and thousands of patients and babies later, I’ve never looked back.

I’m obsessed with all things fertility.

The good news for you and all other fertility patients is that I now know what women need to do in order to conceive without wasting valuable time.

This workshop is just the icing on the cake but will help you get started on the right path without wasting more time trying to solve the puzzle yourself.

I look forward to meeting you in the workshop.

With love and encouragement,

Dr. Katherine

Katherine Alexander Anderson office