Blood Work Assessment

Your blood test results contribute to your fertility story and may help you determine why you’re not getting pregnant.  Too often, patients come to me and say they’ve had blood work done but that the results are “normal” yet they’re not.  Sadly, what is often considered normal to a medical doctor may not be normal to me as a Chinese medical doctor.  One of the most common examples I see in my fertility clinic is the thyroid test.  Although the test may reveal a “normal” result because it’s within the lab’s reference ranges, the thyroid function may be interfering with conception and may show up as imbalances in the body from a Chinese medical perspective.  Other lab values that I tend to see issues with are AMH, FSH, Prolactin and Testosterone, to name a few.

Your Doctor said your results were normal.
Are they?

Are Your Results Really Normal?

If you’re confused about your results or if your doctor said they’re normal, you may want to make sure something hasn’t been overlooked.  Although I can’t diagnose you with a certain condition from these results, I can make recommendations for next steps to avoid spinning your wheels.

Who is this consult for?

  • Anyone trying to conceive that has been told their tests are “normal” but still isn’t getting pregnant.

  • Anyone trying to conceive who hasn’t had any testing done yet but feels off.  No one knows your body better than you do and if you think something is not right it just may be true.  We can do a mini-assessment of your signs and symptoms and I can then recommend which tests to have done so you don’t waste valuable time not seek.

  • Anyone trying to conceive whose medical doctor has said just wait a year before we do any testing.

  • Anyone just frustrated that no one is listening to them and wants a fresh perspective to help them get pregnant.

No one knows your body better than you.  If you think something is not right, it may be true.  Don’t hesitate.  Consult with an expert.
Dr. Katherine - working

What you get in this consult

  • 30-minutes of my undivided attention to assess what may be preventing you from getting pregnant.

  • Review of your bloodwork (if you already have it and recommendations for what to run if you don’t).

  • Missing pieces of the puzzle that may be contributing to infertility.

  • Recommendations for next steps based on the information we discuss.

What you DON’T get in this consult

  • A western diagnosis.  Although I may have my opinions about it, I can’t diagnose you with a western condition.  I can however diagnose you from a Chinese medicine perspective.  If you are looking for a full evaluation instead of a mini-consult please schedule a full 60-minute strategy session instead so that we have enough time to fully assess your entire health and fertility status.