Rhythms Fertility Baby

How can Chinese medicine help with your Fertility?

  • Increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries

  • Increase thickness of uterine lining

  • Regulate menstrual cycles

  • Improve ovarian function yielding higher quality eggs

  • Improve sperm count, mobility and morphology

  • Hormone balancing

  • Relax uterine contractions post IVF/IUI transfer resulting in higher conception rates

  • Regulate the central nervous system and HPA axis to reduce stress

How long have you been trying to conceive?

On average, the women coming to my clinic have been trying to get pregnant for 22 months before they begin treatment with me.  That’s almost two years of disappointment, heartache and exhaustion!

Once enrolled in my Fertile Truth Complete Fertility Program, women conceive on average within 14 to 16 treatments.

If you are trying to conceive or have had frequent miscarriages and trying to carry a baby to term, I can help.

I provide holistic fertility treatments for those who are focused on getting pregnant naturally or with IVF with my virtual programs or in person in the Portland & Kennebunk, ME and Portsmouth, NH areas.

As a natural fertility specialist, I provide customized treatment plans depending on each individual’s issues.  No one’s body system is exactly like someone else’s; as a natural fertility doctor I work with you to determine the best approach in terms of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy.

My natural fertility clinics specialize exclusively in fertility and women’s health.

Treating infertility is complicated and it is vital you choose a fertility specialist who truly specializes in reproductive medicine.

Holistic fertility is my primary focus, and I take pride in the fact that I am the only board certified natural fertility specialist in Maine and New Hampshire exclusively specializing in fertility and women’s health and certified by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

Are you ready to get pregnant naturally?

I Can Help

Rhythms Fertility Baby

Men are important too!

In the ideal situation, I would always treat your male partner when trying to conceive.  We need good eggs AND good sperm.  I also always want to see his sperm analysis results even if the doctor says “they’re normal”.  What’s normal to them may not be normal to me.  A sperm analysis is not a fertility test but it can help guide us as to whether he could also use acupuncture for male fertility or benefit from Chinese herbal medicine or supplements.

The techniques I use in my Fertile Truth Complete Fertility Program may include a combination of  acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and other proven lifestyle methods to enhance fertility.

Acupuncture, for example, is only one modality of Chinese medicine and sometimes it’s enough to help you conceive, but often you need a deeper and more complete strategy and approach.

If you have tried just acupuncture, or other therapies, or supplements, or fertility diets without success, you may need a more comprehensive and integrative approach.

Developing a customized treatment plan, I work with you to increase your chances of success by involving you in the process.
I also work closely with your medical doctor and other healthcare providers to develop an integrative fertility treatment plan specifically for you. My goal is to help you restore your body to a balanced state so that it can do what it naturally knows how to do. The more you participate in that process, the better your chances of success.

My treatment sessions go beyond the basics, incorporating everything it takes to help you achieve faster, longer-lasting results.

Supporting your body, mind, and emotional well-being is our ultimate goal along your journey.

Call or text today to learn more about the Fertile Truth Complete Fertility Program.