Fertile Truth Complete Fertility Program

Dr. Katherine - Fertility Acupuncture Expert
  • Trying to get pregnant naturally?  

  • Have you heard acupuncture can help with fertility?

  • Did you know that acupuncture is just ONE tool that Chinese medical doctors use to help patients conceive?

Many patients come to me because they’ve heard fertility acupuncture can help them get pregnant naturally or in conjunction with their IVF or IUI procedure.  While this is absolutely true, the bigger truth is that a more complete approach is often needed.

It’s a healthy body that makes a healthy baby, and making a healthy body requires a fertility doctor and coach to develop a complete and actionable fertility plan just for you.

In my complete approach, I will customize a fertility plan just for you regardless of where you live.  Whether you live locally or want to work with me virtually, my complete fertility program will help you stop wasting time. 

I can help. 

Are you ready to get pregnant naturally?

Have you taken a complete approach already or tried just one thing
or everything thinking it would help?

My Fertile Truth Complete Fertility Program will help you:

  • Stop wasting valuable time scouring the internet for the secret to getting pregnant

  • Clear up any confusion of conflicting advice

  • Give you a personalized look at your unique situation (no two people are alike and no two patients get the same treatment plan)

  • Figure out what supplements you should take or why you’ve been taking a ton of them and still not getting pregnant

  • A no B.S. approach to tell you what others may not and give you a fresh perspective on what you can do today

Here’s how we create your customized Fertile Truth Fertility Program:

1 Assess

The first step is to thoroughly assess what you’ve done thus far to get pregnant.  

We take a good look at what may have helped and what may have hurt your ability to conceive.  This assessment of your medical and fertility history will help diagnose what may be preventing you from conceiving. No two individuals are alike and no treatment plan is the same.  

I will conduct an in-depth pre-initial meeting review of your health and fertility history including bloodwork, fertility testing, menstrual cycle history and basal body temperature charting, if you have this already (if not, no worries.  We’ll start tracking this once we begin working together). 

2 Strategize

Developing a good strategy depends on what we find in our assessment. Your blood work, your lifestyle and your root constitutional diagnosis will determine exactly what you need to do to get pregnant. Your strategy and plan will always be customized to you.  

In order to develop a good strategy we will have a 60 minute initial face to face virtual consult.  

By the end of this session, I will reveal the top reasons why you haven’t yet been able to conceive and how I recommend we fix the problem.  There’s no such thing as unexplained infertility and this session usually uncovers what that reason is. 

3 Implement

We will work together for 12-weeks to implement specific strategies and tactics to help you conceive. These may include acupuncture or acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. Each week of your cycle we will modify your recommendations and guide and coach you every step of the way.

Your fertility plan will include 12-weeks of fertility coaching and guidance with:

  • Acupuncture weekly, if local, or guided acupressure customized to each phase of your menstrual cycle if you live anywhere in the world.  These points are varied each cycle phase and each month, depending on what your body needs at that time and customized to your diagnosis.

  • Basal Body Temperature analysis and assistance

  • Supplement evaluation and recommendations

  • Chinese medicine nutrition evaluation and recommendations

  • Unlimited Chinese herbal medicine, as needed

  • 30 minute weekly follow up sessions

  • Unlimited text and email support

  • Lifestyle recommendations

Three herbs
“Just doing one thing to get pregnant may be enough, but most often it’s not. A healthy body makes a healthy baby so only when you focus on your complete health will you truly be as fertile as possible.” – Dr. Katherine

Not sure if the complete fertility program is right for you?

No problem. Book your 60-minute fertility strategy session instead to see if the complete program is right for you.