//Winter Detox

Winter Detox


Ah, the New Year… Time to turn the page and start anew. Though you may be thinking that it’s detox time and the perfect opportunity to cleanse by eating nothing but salads and fresh green juices, think again. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, you have the right idea but perhaps the wrong timing. 

Winter is a season of hibernation, where it’s necessary to guard against the cold. It’s a time for turning inwards, of reflection, of storing and conserving our resources. In keeping with this tone, an aggressive cleansing routine chock full of raw and cold energy foods may be counter productive to your healthy lifestyle goals. Food is medicine, and as such we need to be cautious with the types of foods we eat, the amounts, and when we eat them.

Instead of raw, cold foods this time of year, consider hearty stews, rich stocks of bone broth, congee and roasted or baked dishes.Lean more in the direction of meats like lamb and beef; root vegetables like sweet potatoes or Chinese yams; legumes like kidney, black or mung beans; nuts like walnuts; spices like ginger, garlic and onion; and dark leafy green veggies such as kale, black fungus, and mushrooms. Soups are my all time favorite nutritional cleansing food for winter and can do more good than other choices. All of these cooking methods and foods are warming, seasonally appropriate, nourishing to the digestive system and supportive to the kidneys.

So perhaps before you start your fasting juice only diet, understand that these types of liver detox methods are more appropriate and effective in the spring time, not the winter. Slow down! We love your enthusiasm but know that just as it is in nature, conserving and building your strength and nourishing your body with warming foods now, leads to beautiful healthy flowers in the spring. Living according to these natural cycles can’t help but lead to more balance and better health for you.

So while we think that a winter detox could be helpful, we design them in much different ways than what you may be thinking. Need help creating a winter detox program? Contact (207) 615-4240 and make an appointment today.


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